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TOPIC 1: Atomic and molecular processes in plasmas
1-01N.L. AleksandrovPlasma decay in air and N2:O2:CO2 mixtures at elevated gas temperatures
1-02M. BacalDistribution of negative ions and electrons near the extraction aperture of an H- ion source.
1-03S. SavyBy products issued from 2 Heptanone conversion by DBD
1-04M. BouledrouaPressure broadening of magnesium resonance line perturbed by helium
1-05M. BouledrouaMobility of alkali-metal ions in a helium gas
1-06D. BrunoCollision integrals for interactions involving electronically excited nitrogen atoms and ions
1-07Y. CelikDiagnostics in an ICP: the optical probe vs. other diagnostics
1-08A. S. ChiperInfluence of the oxygen percentage on 2-Heptanone removal efficiency by DBD
1-09G. DilecceCN formation and electronic excitation in a N2-CH4 dielectric barrier discharge
1-10B. DuAn optical probe for spatially resolved emission spectroscopy
1-11F. EspositoQuasiclassical calculations of state to state vibrational and dissociation rates for N+N2 and O+O2 collisional processes
1-12M. R. FlanneryRadiative recombination and cascade in ultracold Rydberg plasmas
1-13F. KrcmaInfluence of oxygen traces on pink afterglow of pure nitrogen
1-14F. KrcmaInfluence of lead vapor traces on post-discharge of pure nitrogen
1-15Y. GotoDirect decomposition of N2O in anesthetic gas by atmospheric thermal plasma
1-16G. HorváthCorona discharge experiment in mixtures of N2 and CH4 – laboratory simulation of Titan’s atmosphere
1-17T. KotríkObservation of ternary process in recombination of D3+ ions with electrons
1-18T. KotríkFlowing afterglow study of recombination of HCO+ and DCO+ ions with electrons at thermal energies
1-19M. MrázkováNitrogen atom behaviour in N2 post-discharge with oxygen admixture
1-20S. PalDetermination of electron impact ionization cross sections and rate coefficients for SiF4 molecule

TOPIC 2: Transport phenomena, particle velocity distribution function
1-21A. MaghariTransport Collision Integrals of Nitrogen and Oxygen Plasmas from the Different Electronic States Ali Maghari
1-22A. BeksteinSwarm Data Of H(H2O)n+ ions in N2
1-23C. VitelaruDiode laser induced fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy in magnetron discharge
1-24J. de UrquijoMotion of negative ions in CF3I and CF3I-N2
1-25Z. DonkóEffect of molecular gases on the electron kinetics in argon
1-26E. BasurtoElectron transport coefficients in water vapour
1-27M. SaboElectron impact ionisation of propane, temperature dependence of the partial cross sections
1-28J. Capeillčre2-D numerical modeling of charged particles transport in a laser beam in neutral xenon
1-29A.E. ShumackExtra heating mechanism studied via E × B rotation
1-30A. TakedaSST electron behaviors in upstream side
1-31Z.Lj. PetrovicThe cyclotron resonance effect on electron transport in RF electric and magnetic fields

TOPIC 3: Physical basis of plasma chemistry
1-32M. CapitelliThe Role of Debye-Hückel Electronic Energy Levels on the Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrogen Plasmas
1-33A.GhorbanzadehSyngas production by nanoseconds pulsed plasma
1-34O. GuaitellaReversible adsorption of O atoms on TiO2 surface: an explanation for plasma/TiO2 synergy for C2H2 removal
1-35K. AllegraudComparison between volume and surface DBDs for C2H2 removal
1-36M. JiménezEffect of a surface wave discharge (SWD) at atmospheric pressure on the dissociation of alcohols
1-37M. R. KingNO2 synthesis using a non-equilibrium arc
1-38D. PiroiOxidation of VOC in air by plasma-assisted catalysis
1-39D.C. SchramMolecule formation in plasmas and the role of surface processes
1-40A. StarikowskiiInfluence of weak electric fields on the flame structure
1-41S. StepanovCF-radical kinetics in pulsed CF4/H2 RF plasmas
1-42K. YasuhideFundamental characteristics of positive surface streamer discharges in various gases and relations with vacuum ultraviolet light

TOPIC 4: Plasma surface interaction (boundary layers, sheath, surface processes)
1-43P.F. AmbricoOn the plasma enhanced emission of DBD by laser irradiation of dielectric surface
1-44T. MisuEffect of surface morphology on discharge characteristics of CVD diamond
1-45K. DittmannMetastable argon atoms in rf-sheath of capacitively coupled 13.56 MHz plasma
1-46C. BorciaAtmospheric pressure plasma processing of cylindrical surfaces
1-47H. GhomiIon dynamics in pulsed plasma sheath with dielectric substrate
1-48V. GuerraDynamical Monte Carlo study of atomic nitrogen recombination on silica, including interactions between physisorbed atoms
1-49S. NemschokmichalOptical excitation patterns in capacitively coupled radio-frequency plasmas
1-50C. HatrathNegative ion formation on yttria-stabilized zirconia in oxygen RF plasma
1-51R. Morales CrespoElectropositive sheath structure with plasma ionization
1-52I. MotrescuBacteria and fungi response to cold plasma treatment
1-53A.OginoEffect of background gas and ion energy control on surface modification of Chitosan film
1-54D. OrtegaAtomic and ionic density simulation in the cathodic region of a plasma arc with a binary cathode
1-55D TsyganovSurface ion-electron recombination as the main source of atoms in flowing N2 DBD
1-56T. SakuraiExternal optical control of surface charges in a barrier discharge
1-57P. SarrailhCollisionnal model of the plasma decay during the post-arc phase of a vacuum circuit breaker
1-58B. ShokriDeposition of methyl methacrylate film by mw plasma polymerization
1-59B. ShokriDual frequency PECVD of DLCs
1-60V. StranákDeposition of thin TiOX films by pulsed magnetron sputtering
1-61K. MizunoFormation of winding surface of amorphous fluorocarbon films composed by perfluorooctane plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
1-62S. SuzukiDetermination of Townsend’s secondary ionization coefficient in argon
1-63I. TopalaApplication of natural polymers DBD treatment to painting
1-64I. TopalaFunctional films polymerized by atmospheric pressure plasma for enzyme immobilization
1-65P. VašinaModeling of radial variation of target poisoning during reactive sputtering deposition process
1-66T. YamamotoImprovement of adhesion characteristics for fluorocarbon polymer films using nonthermal plasma graft-polymerization
1-67T.M.G. ZimmermannTwo-fluid model of the interaction of a cylindrical object with ambient plasma under the influence of an axial magnetic field

TOPIC 5: Plasma diagnosis
1-68Y. Aranda GonzalvoSIMS and ERMBMS (energy-resolved molecular beam mass spectrometry) measurements for surfaces modified by plasmas at atmospheric pressure
1-69M L BeksDepartures from local thermodynamic equilibrium in hid lamps
1-70N BibinovDetermination of the electron energy distribution function in a low pressure DICP discharge used for plasma sterilization
1-71N BibinovDetermination of the gas temperature in a low pressure DICP discharge used for plasma sterilization
1-72N. BonifaciSpectroscopic investigations of corona discharge in liquid helium
1-73H. BöttnerExamination of collisional de-excitation of Helium states by phase resolved optical emission spectroscopy in low and atmospheric pressure RF discharges
1-74N. S.J. BraithwaiteA robust ion flux diagnostic for deposition plasmas
1-75G. CicalaStructure of Ar and N2 DC discharges.
1-76N. CvetanovicA simple Monte-Carlo simulation for fast H transport and excessive Balmer line broadening
1-77A. DenatSpectroscopic investigation of prebreakdown phenomena in dielectric liquids
1-78P. DvorákHarmonic analysis of discharge voltages as a tool to control rf sputtering deposition process
1-79U. FantzComparison of diagnostic methods for negative hydrogen ion densities in high power rf discharges
1-80O. Gabrielhigh rovibrationally-excited HD and D2 molecules in a hydrogen /deuterium plasma jet
1-81Z. GavareDetermination of helium number densities in electrodeless low-temperature high-frequency plasma
1-82C. GavrilaSolving the integral equation of the inverse Abel transform using cubic spline interpolation – application to plasma spectroscopy
1-83H HalfmannCharacterization of a low pressure DICP discharge used for plasma sterilization of heat sensitive materials
1-84E IordanovaSevere violations of global plasma models
1-85N. KnakeAbsolute atomic oxygen density measurements inside a micro scaled atmospheric pressure plasma jet
1-86S. LazovicThe influence of the gas flow on properties of a plasma needle
1-87G. F. LeuParametrization of the volume processes in hexamethyldisiloxane/argon/oxygen plasma
1-88S. VizireanuDiagnostic of Ar/C2H2/H2 RF plasma beam for nanostructured carbon deposition
1-89D. CrinteaPhase resolved measurement of anisotropic electron velocity distribution functions in a radio frequency discharge
1-90S. MiloševicSpace resolved optical emission spectroscopy of inductively coupled RF water plasma
1-91M. Mrázková,Limits for H, N, O and O2 detection by means of electron paramagnetic resonance
1-92J. MuńozSurface wave discharges generated with Ar/He and Ar/N2 gas mixtures at atmospheric pressure
1-93I. SantiagoMetastable density in microwave argon plasmas at atmospheric pressure: influence on thermodynamic equilibrium
1-94S. NijdamExperiments on streamer interactions
1-95B. M. ObradovicElectric field measurement in dielectric barrier discharge in helium
1-96C. PérezLocal electric field in hollow cathodes determined by two-photon Doppler free spectroscopy
1-97K. SasakiOptical emission spectrum from molecular hydrogen in a high-density recombining hydrogen plasma
1-98K. SasakiDetection of energetic metastable oxygen atoms in absorption line profile of the 5SO2-5P1 transition
1-99H. O. AshraeeMeasuring and analysing the magnetic field in (Seraj´s system) theta pinch device using magnetic probes
1-100S. SbetaInvestigation of Air Plasma Parameters using DC Glow Discharges


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